Hybrid N0:2 Collage

Hybrid N0:2 Collage


Hexagon cut-out Collage. Recycled artwork - original digital work once printed is cut using a laser cutter. Occasionally during the digital printing process the printer can error mid way through a print rendering the output unusable. Rather than waste the ink and paper I save it to make into unique collages. Although similar in style no two hybrid collages will be the same.

Digitally printed using high quality acrylic inks onto archival 330gsm Somerset Velvet paper.

Paper size - 32.7 × 45 cm / Actual image size 29.7 × 42 cm

One off signed and numbered by Leigh.

Each print comes unframed but is mounted with a backboard.  Before dispatch the mounted print is sealed within a cellophane pocket. For dispatch the sealed print is sandwiched between A2 grey board before being placed flat into a C2 rigid carboard envelope.

Please note, we've tried to represent the colours of our prints as accurately as possible on screen. The actual printed version will be slightly different.

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